Latex talalay

Mixture of high-quality sustainable natural latex made from the sap of the rubber fig plant. Its elasticity promotes natural alignment of the spine. Adaptable to the body’s curves providing a full support. Hypo-Allergenic and dust-mite resistant.

Copper-infused latex

Copper can be beneficial to the health and well-being of consumers. This type of latex naturally boosts antimicrobial and antibacterial materials. Moreover, copper-infused latex can help the body produce collagen.

Graphite-infused latex

Graphite-infused latex is composed of natural materials with fire retardancy properties. This latex material can keep the user cool by dissipating body heat. Also, one of the benefits of this type of latex is that it acts as a long-lasting material reinforcement.

Gel-infused latex

Gel-infused latex makes it possible to reinforce a material support to promote comfortable sleep. Gel-infused latex can help keep heat away from the body. This type of latex also has some advanced supportive and heat regulation properties.

High-density, elastic, non-thermosensitive, resilient, and revolutionary polyurethane gel foam that is flexible, durable, breathable and fresh. Does not retain moisture, easily adaptable to body forms for personal comfort. Gel2O material breathes twice as much as latex, seven times more than polyurethane foam as and 30 times more than memory foam.

Gel2O Argent

Non-Thermosensitive memory foam with Silver that breathes easily, remains cool, provides lightweight comfort and gives increased support for the body. Due to the silver in the composition, it helps reduce inflammation, is anti-bacterial and is dust-mite resistant. It also helps stimulate self-healing within the body.


Quick body response non-thermosensitive memory foam made of natural plant resin. Eliminates the primary pressure points on the mattress and keeps the sleep surface cooler than traditional memory foam.

Gel foam

Non thermosensitive polyurethane gel foam. Stay cool and fresh during night time sleep

High resilience foam

High resilience and high density foam for an additional support and durability. Provides additional elasticity for complete support and increased durability

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All our foams are made with natural plant resin
(3% to 8%)