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For more than 40 years, Matelas Mirabel has been making premium quality products with unique, highly innovative components, and always at a reasonable price. By purchasing products made in Quebec, you help to support the provincial economy and maintain Quebec employment.

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We all dream of getting a deep, restorative, full night’s sleep. But past sleeping experiences often demonstrate that our expectations are difficult to achieve, despite our best efforts.


Humans have always needed their sleep. For centuries, we’ve been trying to improve our sleeping experiences. And for many decades now, we’ve been creating bed sets that are softer or firmer, resistant or innovative—but most of us still wake up a bit sore, tired and lacking energy for the day.

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A proud Quebec manufacturer, Matelas Mirabel offers durable, highly comfortable products.
Discover our premium quality products, designed to offer you the best sleep.

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Did you know?
Latex comes from a tree species call Hevea whose sap is used to make latex.