Our company

Founded in 1975 by Roger Charlebois, Matelas Mirabel was initially located in Boisbriand. Growth in sales and production resulted in the need to move the plant to a more spacious location in Laval.

Today, Guy Tousignant, an enthusiastic and innovative leader, is at the head of Matelas Mirabel, a family business. Thanks to the company’s professionalism, expertise and high-quality standards, it has acquired exclusive licenses to manufacture King Koil and Restonic products for Eastern Canada. These alliances have enabled Matelas Mirabel to make more specific models for its clientele.


We are constantly seeking to improve our products to meet customer standards. Our priority has been to offer a wide range of high-quality products at reasonable prices and deliver outstanding service. The production cycle has constantly evolved since sales volumes more than doubled due to the wide variety of new mattress models. In 2005, we expanded the plant to meet the needs of our clientele.

In 2017, we innovated again by acquiring a machine for manufacturing rolled mattresses. This technology enables consumers to take their mattress home with them after purchase. It is available to all our retailers and we have several models.

Quebec products

Our products are sold throughout Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick. We are pleased to be able to serve such a large area. With over 500 mattress models, box springs and futons, Matelas Mirabel continues to be a major manufacturer in the mattress industry. We are proud to offer all-Quebec products, handmade by our experienced technicians.

The Matelas Mirabel team has all it takes to offer you the comfort you need, and we thank you for your loyalty and trust.